2022 Spring Recreational Season

CCSA Parents

Our SPRING REC coaches meetings Feb 15 & 16. All coaches were given a roster at this time and told to contact the parents on their team. You should hear from a coach soon.

If you HAVE NOT heard from the coach by the day of your first practice, go to the field on the night listed for your age group and we will place you with your team. There will be a member of CCSA standing by the front gate with team/coach information.

2022 Spring REC game schedule


Street Address:
1410 Sports Blvd. Cape Coral, FL 33991

Below is the schedule given to each coach for their first week of practice:

Monday, Feb 21

U6 Boys at 5:40 (born 2016)

U9 girls at 5:45  (born 2013)

U10 girls at 7:30  (born 2012)

Tuesday, Feb 22

U7 Boys at  5:45  (born 2015)

U8 Girls at 6:15  (born 2014)

U12 Girls at 7:40  (born 2011 & 2010)

 Wednesday, Feb 23

U6 girls at 5:40  (born 2016)

U9 boys at 5:45  (born 2013)

U10 boys at 7:30 (born 2012)

Thursday, Feb 24

U7 girls at 6:15 (born 2015)

U8 boys at 5:45  (born 2014)

U12 boys 7:40 pm (born 2010)

Friday, Feb 25

U15 Girls at 6:00  (born 2009, 2008, 2007)

U11 Boys 6:00 (born 2011) Team 1-4

U11 Boys 7:30 (born 2011) Team 5-8

U11 Girls 6:00 (born 2011) Team 1-2

U11Girls 7:30 (born 2011) Team 3-4

U15 Boys at 7:30 (born 2009, 2008, 2007)

If you have been contacted by your coach and his/her information is different from the information below go with what YOUR COACH TOLD YOU.

You will be receiving a full uniform during the second week of practice. Jersey, shorts, and socks.

When your coach has contacted you, make sure you remember YOUR TEAM NUMBER. There will be over 100 U15 boys all coming to the field at one time.  The ones who know their team number will be directed to their field faster and easier than those who do not know it.

We will start practice the week of Feb 21. The first 2 weeks you will only go to the field on your “practice night”. Meaning if you are Mon/Wed and your games are on Wednesdays, you will only go Mondays until the games start. After games start (March 5) you will be on a normal schedule for the rest of the season.

For the season, every player needs to wear shin guards for every practice and game.  You will need to bring water and a soccer ball.

U6, U7 and U8 size 3 ball.

U9, U10, U11 and U12 size 4 ball.

U15 size 5 ball.

There is some shuffling of players that goes on the first week or so.  So IF you receive an email from a coach and then a day or so later another email from different coach you have been moved.   The second email is now your team.

There is still room for players in Most divisions.  Players can still register online on a first come, first serve basis until each division fills up.

Other CCSA Programs:

The Excel program starts Monday, Feb 21 on the softball field directly to your right as you drive in the main gate.  U7/U8 at 5:45 and U9/U10 at 7:00.   

You will receive an email next week with more Excel information.

Lollipop starts on Saturday, March 12 at 8:45 am / Boys 10:15 on field #4.

(you will receive an email next week with more Lollipop information)

Download Full Schedule Here