Board & Staff

Executive Board

Josh Bevington


Lenny Volberg

Vice President

Stan Toro

Cyclones Commissioner

Cathy Hunter


Kathy Weber-Moldawsky


Connie Wolfe

Recreational Commissioner


Eddie Carmean

Director of Coaching

Mike Carmean

Academy Director

Tim Swisher

Cyclones Administrator

Brian Glass

Assistant Director of Coaching Rec Program

Bajro Dizdarevic

Technical Trainer & Director of Goalkeeper Development

Administrative Board Members

Chad Boyko


Steve Mars

Director of Fundraising

Patrick Siefert

Director of Risk Management/Insurance

Scott Bly

Cyclone Celebration Day

Grant Gorski

Director of Uniforms

Ben Ingram

Director of Photography

Greg Fallacara

Director of Trophies

Rigo Chacon

Director of Facilities

Joni Al-Shabibi

Director of TOPSoccer

Tim Day

Public Relations Director