Board & Staff

Executive Board

Josh Bevington


Lenny Volberg

Vice President

Cathy Hunter


Kathy Weber-Moldawsky


Connie Wolfe

Recreational Commissioner


Eddie Carmean

Director of Coaching

Mike Carmean

Academy Director

Tye Cole

Assistant Director of Coaching & Technical Director of Cyclones

Tim Swisher

Cyclones Administrator

Brian Glass

Assistant Director of Coaching Rec Program

Bajro Dizdarevic

Technical Trainer & Director of Goalkeeper Development

Administrative Board Members

Chad Boyko


Steve Mars

Director of Fundraising

Patrick Siefert

Director of Risk Management/Insurance

Scott Bly

Cyclone Celebration Day

Grant Gorski

Director of Uniforms

Ben Ingram

Director of Photography

Greg Fallacara

Director of Trophies

Stan Toro

Director of Field Marshals

Rigo Chacon

Director of Facilities

Joni Al-Shabibi

Director of TOPSoccer

Tim Day

Public Relations Director