Recreational Program

The recreational program operates in the spring and the fall each year, and offers a variety of options for children of varying talent levels to participate. Recreational soccer is for players age 5-14, and players will have a practice session once a week as well as 2 games a week. Uniforms are provided, and all of our coaches are background checked with the state soccer sanctioning body as well as our local parks department. Coaches are all volunteers and are provided coaching education throughout the season. The Lollipops program is designed for players who are 4 years of age, in order to introduce them to the game of soccer as well as socialization with others in a fun way. Players will get skills training for the beginning of each Saturday session, and then be divided into small sided teams to play games. The kids have a blast and it is great fun to watch. The Excel program is set up for those players who are looking for more training from our professional coaching staff.

To better serve the special needs of our community the CCSA has launched the TOPSoccer program which provides training and structured games to children with mental or physical disabilities.

Spring & Fall Recreation programs is the entry level programs to the CCSA. The rules governing our Recreational soccer programs are designed to promote the game in a fun and exciting atmosphere. 

All recreational games/ practices will be held at the Cape Coral Sports Complex (Trafalgar Fields).

Lollipops program is offered for children age 4. 

The Recreational soccer program is dedicated to providing players a fun filled atmosphere that does not focus on wins and losses. 

Equipment: Parents will need to supply shin guards, cleats, water bottle and a soccer ball. Size 3 balls for U6 & U8 divisions, size 4 balls for U10 & U12 and size 5 balls for U14 and up. 

At the end of each Fall season we will have try-outs for our Rec All-Star teams. 

Parents & Players – General Rules

Please do not coach your child during the game.  Everyone had an opportunity to volunteer as a coach.  During the game you can cheer for your team and child, but do not coach. 

  • Do not yell at or verbally abuse the referee 
  • Do not approach you coach to complain, during or after the game or practice.  If you have a problem with your coach, send an email to Eddie Carmean at Keep in mind they are volunteers.
  • Do not stand behind the goals or anywhere near the goals during the games.
  • No Dogs or other pets allowed at the field.  This is a city ordinance, you will be asked to leave the field.  People get very upset when they show up at the field and have to leave because of their dog.  (If you invite a family member or friend to watch a game, let them know)
  • No smoking on the field.  You must go to the parking lot if you want to smoke. 
  • All players must wear shin guards for games and practices.
  • No hard cast permitted for practice or games.
  • No jewelry worn for practice or games.  Stud earrings must be taped up.  All other earrings are not allowed.
  • Keep an eye on your kids while they are at the playground.  This is a public park and we cannot control what type of people may be there.
  • Make sure tents are a safe distance from the sidelines.
  • No hanging on the goals or nets.  Every year in the USA many children are killed by hanging on goals.  As they swing on the goal the goal topples over and the cross bar crushes their windpipe or skull.  Please help us enforce these rules with your children.
  • No climbing trees or fences.

The following rules are set up to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your children:  

  • During the games one sideline is for the players and the coaches and the other is for the parents.  Please do not sit on the Player/Coaches side of the field. *(Except for U6 players) U6 players can sit with their parents while waiting to play.
  • If there is a problem at your field go to the concession stand and ask for a field Marshal or board member.

Where do the registration fees go?

The Cape Coral Soccer Association (CCSA) is often times asked by it’s membership where their Recreation Registration Fees are being spent? The CCSA due to their dedicated volunteers are capable of keeping the fees at a minimum. The following are some of the items and areas in which your fees are off setting CCSA expenses. Here are some club expenses:

  • Salary of Director of Soccer Operations and Club Administrator 
  • Referee Fees
  • Uniforms
  • Fabrication/Purchase of Goals & Benches
  • Nets
  • Field Flags
  • Field Paint
  • Striping Machines
  • Fall Festival Expenses
  • Trophies/Medals
  • Coaches Shirts, Cones, Balls, Air Pumps
  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Printing Costs
  • Mailing Costs
  • Audio/Speaker System installed @ the Cape Coral Sports Complex
  • Lightning Detection Devices at all fields
  • CCSA website
  • CCSA Registration site powered by Blue Sombrero

Thank you and have a great season!
– Eddie Carmean, Director of Soccer Operations